What are the requirements for me to go on a helicopter Pig hunt?

A valid Texas hunting license, a 5-day license can be purchased from the State of Texas.   Must be at least 18 years old.

Can I use my own gun?

No, for safety reasons, our Helicopter Texas Specialty Hunts will provide all firearms and ammunition.  In addition to safety, our insurance will only allow our guns in the Helicopters.  You can use your own guns on any of our shooting range experiences.

  • Assault and Sniper rifles
  • AR15
  • Ak47
  • PX90
  • 6.5 Creedmoor Magnum
  • .338 Lapua Magnum
  • .50 Caliber BMG
  • Cowboy and historic guns
  • Lever Action Winchester
  • Single Action Revolvers
  • Double Action Revolvers
  • 1911’s
  • Shotguns for moving targets
  • Remington 870 pump action
  • Browning Double Barrel

What if I don’t have my own gun?

You can choose from any of our many guns that we have available.  The standard Helicopter Pig Hunting Packages come standard with a fully outfitted semi-automatic Suppressed AR-15 with Red Dot Scope and unlimited ammo.

Will ammo be provided for my hunt?

Helicopter Pig Hunting standard hunt package includes a fully outfitted semi-automatic AR-15 with a Red Dot Scope and unlimited ammo.

Do we have insurance?

Yes, we are fully insured upon signing insurance and safety waivers.

Is this considered to be like any other sport hunt?

No, sport hunting from an aircraft is a violation of both federal and state law. You will be participating in a depredation program to help with the overabundance of feral hogs.

Will we recover all of the hogs we shoot?

Helicopter Hog Hunting does not allow the harvesting of hogs due to fact that they can cause extreme illness in humans.   The good news is that they become vulture food, as nature will take its course and the hogs are normally gone in 12 – 48 hours.

What are we able to shoot from when hunting from the Helicopter?

Feral hogs and coyotes are only what the state will allow when hunting from a helicopter as an eradicator.

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Our booking division (the Pro-Staff team work here)


Do you offer Military and Men in Blue discounts?

Yes, we do – a 10% discount is available.

Do you have a fundraising program?

Yes, contact Rob Linhoff, he heads up our fundraising division 763-595-5936 or rlinhoff@gageoutdoor.com

How to I book a Helicopter Hog Hunt?

Our Pro-Staff is standing by

Ring them at 325-515-0175

Email hunt@tshunts.com

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