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SEE WHY FORTUNE 500 CLIENTS KEEP COMING BACK!  We have a number of packages for both individuals looking for a good time as well as large corporate “team building” exercises. No matter what kind of adventure you are looking for, we are available to answer all of your questions fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is this really a thing that people do?

Absolutely.  Feral Hog eradication is legal and highly appreciated by land owners.  Wild pigs are an invasive species that destroys millions in property every year.  Feral hogs have no natural predators in Texas and breed year round.  Without the eradication process, wild pigs would continue to breed and could expand out into major cities. 

What kind of rifles do you provide?

We have  a large amount of customized AR-15’s with suppressors that we use for hunting wild hogs from our helicopters.  We also have shotguns. 

Is there a target practice available?

We have both a ground range for shooting and and aerial target range.  Shooting from a moving helicopter can be a little more difficult than it sounds.  We recommend getting some practice in before the hunt.

What else can I do while on the ranch?

We have a private dining area with additional bar seating, individual rooms, trap & skeet shooting, rifle ranges, and much more.  If you are more of a traditional hunter we also offer ground hunts with your choice of bow or rifle. 

Is this a good first date or weekend getaway?

If your date loves hunting, shooting, helicopters… YES!  We have had plenty of couples spend a day or a long weekend here on our ranch.  Whether it’s a first date or an anniversary; Helicopter Pig Hunting is something you will never forget. 

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