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Helicopter Pig Hunting
Based on 38 reviews
Timothy Taylor
Timothy T.
00:41 22 Mar 20
The entire crew is a top-notch team of professionals who won’t be outdone in any aspect starting with the owner Travis Wier, his guide Jim Huntley, and pilot Garret. You know immediately these guys know their stuff and do an amazing job with even the smallest details, well done gents, cant wait to do it again!
Jim Eagan
Jim E.
17:31 20 Mar 20
This was an opportunity of a lifetime! Jim (guide) and Garrett (pilot) were some of the most professional and knowledgeable hunting crews I've worked with in over 23 years of hunting. And with a career spent in the military and around helicopters, I was fully impressed with how much emphasis was placed on the safety of each hunter and the upkeep and condition of the helicopter. Jim was super welcoming while providing everything we needed to pull off a successful hunt. When hunters had to wait their turn to fly, Jim had a beautiful RV to relax in. Our pilot Garrett was not only extremely proficient at his trade, he was highly skilled at maneuvering the aircraft to allow us as hunters to get the best angles to engage pigs. This is a company I will be gladly doing business again, and I can't recommend them enough.
Michael Keller
Michael K.
07:08 11 Mar 20
From the time we got picked up to the time we left, just an overall incredible experience. The guys on the ranch really were incredible and a lot of fun to hang out with. We've already planned the dates of our next trip out there.
Adam Ebnet
Adam E.
14:07 06 Mar 20
Awesome experience!
Kim Kalan
Kim K.
20:50 01 Mar 20
Amazing place Travis is the best!
nate eilers
nate E.
20:18 27 Feb 20
Great experience and a great time. The crew from Jim, Patrick, Garrett, and everyone else were very good to be around and were very welcoming. The hunt was really fun and the lodge experience was perfect. Chefs food was top notch, Garret is a great pilot and Jim showed us the in and outs of the hunt and got us prepared. I would recommend anyone do this, the experience was awesome. Thanks again!
Mr Richard Prause
Mr Richard P.
16:30 20 Feb 20
Ed reich
Ed R.
22:15 17 Jan 20
TSH is a well organized operation and accomplishes what it advertises. The Hunting Mgr. provides good instruction in marksmanship, AR-15 operation. and maintenance. The chef provides excellent and timely served meals. The pilot was experienced and knowledgeable in flying procedures, operation. and hunting flights. We intend to return to TSH. Ed & Harold.
Shane Vince
Shane V.
20:25 07 Dec 19
Epic heli pig hun!! Must do if you like hunting. Had a blast with Travis. Most fun you can have all day long! We’ll be back again for sure. Garrett is one hell of a pilot
Darin Steffen
Darin S.
01:28 28 Nov 19
Best hunting trip I've ever been on! They did a phenomenal job! Definitely will do again!
20:18 23 Nov 19
Exceeded my expectations in every way. Thanks for a great adventure!
Devin Lorier
Devin L.
15:52 09 Nov 19
Great time. Great people and a lot of fun. Totally worth every penny
Martin Stabell
Martin S.
10:49 14 Oct 19
Clayton Yoder
Clayton Y.
15:12 02 Oct 19
Extremely satisfied with our hunt on Oct. 1 2019. The entire organization was first class including the accommodations, chef, guide and pilot. Met the owner Travis himself at dinner and had a blast. We were treated like royalty the entire time. We really enjoyed the stay at the ranch, and Jim did an outstanding job taking care of us. We definitely plan to return soon. The hunt was a wild hunt so no guarantees, but the early morning flight was action packed. I hunted alone with the pilot and confirmed 19 kills with another 20 or so hits. The pigs would hole up sometimes in a bush after being shot. 240 rounds spent on a 90 minute flight.
David Barnes
David B.
21:23 10 Aug 19
Arnulfo Rivero
Arnulfo R.
20:00 24 Jul 19
Gary Chronister
Gary C.
11:21 25 Jun 19
Unbelievable, this is first rate hunting with the best equipment and staff. You will absolutely not be disappointed. I would be glad to recommend this to anyone considering the perfect Helicopter Pig Hunt. Travis and the crew are amazing and could not do more to take care of us and make us feel at home. The moment you take off from the helicopter trailer, you will know it is worth every dollar to check this mark off the bucket list. We are going back to do it again. We went for four hours one day but honestly, we should have taken two days at 4 hours each. It is that much fun.
Joe C.
01:26 10 Jun 19
Jim and Garrett did a great job! We had fun and will do it again.
Sadie Page
Sadie P.
21:25 17 May 19
Tim DonLevy
Tim D.
07:24 13 May 19
Fr. John Greb
Fr. John G.
20:44 01 May 19
A great experience! Everyone was so helpful. Jim took me to their little range and helped me dial in my ARs the night before, which made the hunt so much better. In the past, I got ripped off from the outfitters with whom I booked two previous hunts, one in New Mexico and one in Pennsylvania, but not these folks. They are the real deal. They do what the say they’re going to do! I’m sure I will use them again, and I have no problem recommending they to others. I can’t wait to go up again!
William Litchfield
William L.
17:43 01 May 19
Blake Asel
Blake A.
03:09 30 Apr 19
Great People. you will not be disappointed
Craig Rogers
Craig R.
15:51 29 Apr 19
Travis,I can’t say enough good things about the TSH team. This being my second time to experience TSH’s helicopter excursion, I can say that the integrity and professionalism of the team just makes me want to get on the schedule to go again. Jim and Garrett were exceptional hosts, making sure that we were comfortable, equipped, informed, and had every opportunity to reduce feral pig population(of which we did), as Garrett put us in ideal position to execute. Looking forward to going again soon. CR
Jon South
Jon S.
04:59 05 Apr 19
Great experience, period. I was looking for a short and well priced hog hunt without lots of bells and whistles and this was it! (Although they can really roll out the red carpet if you want.) Our guide (Jim) delivered the perfect level of introduction to what we were going to be doing by making the instruction simple and clear. It was very much a "you guys have been around these types of weapons and know what you're doing so be careful, don't shoot my chopper, and have fun." We had two hours of flight time that were broken into two one hour segments. Our pilot Garrett did an exceptional job navigating the terrain and put us in great positioning for good shots. The hunt was a little slow finding the game, (remember guys it's still hunting) but once we found targets (and we found MANY) things got exciting real quick. Jim and and Garrett make a great team and were very respectful to each other in their differing roles. What a team, what an experience, what a country we live in!
John A
John A
23:28 02 Apr 19
First class operation! Garrett is a great pilot, got us right down on the hogs.Not as many hogs as we hoped for but that's why they call it hunting. Would highly recommend Texas Specially Hunts.Would do it again!
Erin Mead
Erin M.
18:18 01 Apr 19
Loved it!! One of the coolest experience of my life!
Jason Crockett
Jason C.
23:27 31 Mar 19
So much fun!!! They took great care of us and were very professional. They made sure everything was safe. The place has a nice family feel to it. The food and lodging were great. 100% would recommend it and I plan to do it again!
Antoine HEUNET
Antoine H.
23:07 19 Mar 19
Russell Fowles
Russell F.
18:51 27 Jan 19
What you see on pig hunting videos is what we got to experience. It was fantastic!!
Daniel Vince
Daniel V.
17:14 05 Dec 18
Travis and his crew are the best in the business. Top notch service from 1st class transportation to and from airport, 5 star professional chef dining, comfortable spacious lodging, to quality of hunting areas and a target rich environment. I would highly recommend Travis to organize my next hunt year after year. He's knowledgeable about all types of hunting and is a blast to hang out with. Thanks Travis for a amazing weekend of flying and hunting. Cant wait to see you again next year, will be booking soon because after seeing how amazing the service is I wanna make sure to get a spot. Your the man keep it up. Thanks
Wyatt Vince
Wyatt V.
13:42 05 Dec 18
Awesome hunt. Great experience. Travis and his crew are top notch. Thanks guys
Mark Guerry
Mark G.
20:32 03 Dec 18
Scheduled an overnight stay and was very pleased with the accommodations. The food that evening was fantastic. Hunted all day the next day and everything was top notch. Would definitely go again and would recommend the same to anyone.
Christian Stewart
Christian S.
13:36 03 Dec 18
Brandi Williams
Brandi W.
02:52 29 Oct 18
Amazing time! Highly recommend
Sande Melton
Sande M.
18:44 25 Oct 18
Travis Wier Outdoors
Travis Wier O.
23:22 27 Sep 16
M3 Quickz
M3 Q.
05:09 27 Mar 16
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