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Helicopter Pig Hunting is the only year round feral hog hunting business in the U.S.  We offer a full time staff, our own fleet of helicopters, and 2.5 million acres of West Texas heli hunting ground.  Find out why we are the best heli hog hunting ranch in Texas.

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Helicopter Pig Hunting with Texas Specialty Hunts


Book your hunt with the only full-time Helicopter Hog Hunting Company in the U.S. We have over 2.5 million acres of private land in Central and West Texas.

Our location in Central West Texas allows us to hunt year-round for Feral Hogs, the lack of foliage in West Texas allows us better access to the Feral Hogs during the spring and summer months. We hunt 7 days a week, 365 days a year out of the Divided Find Ranch & Lodge.

Our Ranch & Lodge is located 15 minutes from the San Angelo Texas Airport.

You will have a choice of a Silencer Central suppressed Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 or a Benelli 12-Gauge Shotgun when hunting with us. While at the ranch you will have a private chef, skeet, trap, sporting clays, 5-stand, pistol and rifle range. Book your hunt with the best in the business!


When you book a Texas Helicopter Hog Hunt with us, you’ll receive 5 star treatment!  Our Facilities and Food are excellent, and we can accommodate small and large groups.  The  lodges are all modern and comfortable with each its own decor and feel.

Full Time Staff on Site All Year

Our staff works on the ranch year-round.  We have a full-time chef, crew, pilots, and guides that do this every day.  Out pilots know the lay of the land better than anyone because they fly it almost every day.  Book your hunt with the only full time Helicopter Hog Hunting business in the U.S.


Our hangar is a great hangout spot for your group to relax, unwind, and get competitive with our games. It also houses our R-44 Helicopters that stay in service year-round for Helicopter Pig Hunting. 

Games & Entertainment

Our hangar features cornhole, ping pong, a Big Buck Hunter arcade game, and refreshments. 


AKA The “.223 Pig Killer” is the newest addition to our fleet. 


One of two R-44’s currently in service in our fleet. 

Year Round Helicopter Hog Hunting 

Our Services

Helicopter Hog Hunting

On our helicopter hunting trips, you’ll be taken up in one of our helicopters and be given one of our suppressed AR-15 rifles. We will fly you over the pigs, and you get to gun down as many of them as you’d like. Normally, when hunting wild hogs you will have many shot opportunities during your flight.

Upscale Lodging

The  lodges are all modern and comfortable. Each lodge has its own decor and feel. Dining is a focal point at the ranch. 

Personal Chef

Our chef has a professional degree in the Culinary Arts with many years of experience and specializes in procuring and preparing fresh local meats.

Over 2 Million Acres

You read that right. We have over 2 million acres of land that we put to good use for our helicopter pig hunts. Feral hogs don’t have a set mating season, so why would we have a set eradication season?

Rifle Range

The Divided Find Lodge has a Long-Range facility nestled in beautiful scenery looking over the Texas Hill Country. Coupled with world-class hunting, lodging, and exceptional cuisine, our long-range course offers additional entertainment and exposure to large-caliber shooting. If you are new to the sport and would like to get instruction during your stay, this addition to our property is perfect. On the other hand, if you are an experienced shooter and would like to sharpen your skills, our long-range is expertly designed with you in mind. 

Trap & Skeet Shooting

When designing our skeet range, we were very careful to make sure the layout follows official skeet range guidelines. The skeet range is great for avid shooters and it’s a great way to incorporate some competition into your shooting activities. The skeet range is designed to incorporate all shots hunters will encounter in the fields leaving few, if any, possible field shots unpracticed. As you enjoy all of your shooting facilities you will be treated to some of Texas Hill Country’s most breathtaking views. Shooting sporting clays is included in the regular hunting package so take advantage of it and shoot all you want 

Bow Hunting

Want to get a little more up close and personal?  Jump on one of our UTV’s and go hunt some wild game with a modern bow and arrow.  After flying high this is a great way to get grounded and back to basics.

Open All Year

Unlike most of the other helicopter hog hunting in Texas, we never close. You don’t have to wait until next year to book a hunting trip with us.  Just give us a call to experience a memorable hunting trip. Our hog hunting trips are second to none!

Full Time Staff

Our staff works on the ranch year round.  We have full time chefs, crew, pilots and guides that do this every day.  Out pilots know the lay of the land better than anyone because they fly it almost every day. 

30 Years Experience

We have been hunting for 30 years and were the first ones to make helicopter hog eradication legal.  Our guests appreciate the experience and knowledge that our staff provides. 

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How to Book Your Hunt

Contact our sales team to have your questions answered or book your hunt directly online. 

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Call: 325-515-0175
Email: hunt@dividedfind.com

We love what we do.  We do what we love.

Our MissionTo Rid Texas of Feral Pigs and Provide The Best Helicopter Pig Hunting Experience Ever

30 years in the hunting business! A full-time staff and we hunt 7 days a week 365! We are the only full-time business that offers helicopter pig hunting in Texas and the whole United States. So book your Helicopter Hog Hunt today with confidence that every detail and effort will be made to make your hog hunt a success. If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place. At Texas Helicopter Pig Hunting we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy.

On our guided helicopter hog hunts in Texas we have our own Helicopters stored onsite in our private hangar. With over two million acres of private land to hunt we do our best to make sure we always have pigs to hunt! We offer a Airport Pickup Service to help our Hunters with Logistics so that you don’t have to worry about getting to and from your guided helicopter hog hunt in Texas.

Thank you for your business!
Dana Larson, Ranch Manager

You can reach us at hunt@dividedfind.com and 325-515-0175 or you can call and text Dana Larson, General Manager – 612-867-0957 or Jim Huntley, Armor/Head Guide – 325-650-8731

Experience West Texas Helicopter Hog Hunting at it’s Finest

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Let’s Join forces to combat these invasive species!

We offer the best in Helicopter pig hunting in Texas. Feral pigs are out of control we help private land owners with these invasive species. Our rates are competitive, with no hidden fees. Our employees are full-time professionals and will be there to help you every step of the way.

Texas Helicopter Pig Hunting has over 2.5 million acres of private Texas land with ranches throughout the state to better serve our customer base. Let us put our experience to work for you.


Helicopter Hog Hunting Packages


Dive into an intense hunting escapade featuring 2 or more hours of flight time with unlimited ammunition included! Equipped with gun rental, this package promises an unforgettable day of sky-bound hunting thrills.


Stay-n-Play Package

Enjoy cozy lodging at Divided Find Ranch, gourmet meals by a private chef, and 2+ thrilling hours of flight time with unlimited ammo, and convenient airport transfers. Our mobile lodge transports you to and from the hunt and is packed with amenities and leisure. Receive expert safety and shooting training, tour the exotic ranch on ATVs, and access our wide range of shooting facilities. Top off your days with camaraderie and relaxation in our dining space with bar seating, TVs, and a fire pit. 


Build Your Own Package

We can accommodate 6 – 14 guests in 2, 3, 4, or 5 Helicopters at a time. Flight time is to be determined by the number of guests. Lodging at our ranch with all meals & Airport transfers to and from San Angelo (SJT). Range Time, Ranch Tours, and more can be added.


Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you should know about hunting feral hogs from a helicopter

How many helicopters do you operate?

We own and operate two helicopters housed on on ranch. As mandated by the FAA, all of our helicopters are inspected and serviced by an approved FAA mechanic in the mandated intervals.

Do you offer transportation?

-We have a Sprinter Van style and a 40 foot motor coach equipped with Wi-Fi and satellite TV. We pick you up and drop you off at the airport, and drive you to the hunting location each day.

Do you mix groups?

You always fly with your own group when hunting with us.  Sometimes, smaller groups are housed on the ranch at the same time but never in the same buildings. 

How long have you been in business?

We have been in the hunting business over 30 years and have been operating a full-time Helicopter Hunting business over eight years.

The Texas Hog Depredation Act

The Texas Hog Depredation Act

What is the Texas Hog Depredation Act? Texas today has well over 4 million wild hogs, and these creatures are in direct competition for limited resources against other native wildlife including many endangered species. Not to mention the fact that they are the thing...